How Often Do You Need to Check Camus Boiler Parts?

When you’re getting a new boiler, you don’t really think about problems, maintenance and some things like these. However, this is a machine that needs regular maintenance just like everything else out there.

When you’re buying a car, you surely know that a yearly check of its condition is mandatory. You’re driving a device that may kill you if it has problems. With the heating devices, it’s practically the same. They raise the temperature to the water to levels that may cause serious damage if they are not working properly.

In this article, we’ll tell you about some tips that will help you understand how often you need to check your device and be sure that it is working properly. Read on and learn more about this!

Some parts need a daily check

When you get a new boiler, you don’t have much to worry about, but if you’re operating an older model, then regular daily checks are a must. See more about boilers on this link.

One thing that you must pay attention to is the overall look of it. If there’s some kind of a problem, you’ll notice it right away by the look of the pipes and the machine. Just drop an eye to it once a day to make sure that nothing has changed since the last day.

For example, if you see that some pipes condensate, it means that there’s some problem. Turn off the machine and call the pros to check it out. Other obvious problems like smoke, sparks, and fire, are a sure sign that something wrong is going on.

Weekly to monthly check-up

The screen where you can see water levels, pressure and information of this kind must be looked at regularly. That means once a week is just fine. A weekly check is needed because these issues are highly important and a problem with them can be extremely dangerous.

When you were delivered the boiler, you were probably told about the numbers. The pressure and levels must be kept at a certain level and this can’t be changed by any means. Not by the owner, nor by accident or some kind of problem. In other words, check the screen weekly to see if something was changed. If it is, call the pros and ask if you can fix it by yourself or is it normal. If they have to come and see by themselves, then that’s the best thing to do.

Yearly check-up

The more complex Camus boiler parts can’t be seen with naked eyes but need regular maintenance. A standard person is not skilled enough to see those complex parts. You need a professional for that. That’s why it’s best to call them so they can check out the whole system thoroughly.

Some of the most important parts are the combustion chamber and heat exchanger. Then, the electrodes, the burner assembly, the condensate siphon, and so on. All these are too complex for the common user to check and take a certain action if needed.

Is DIY an option?

When it comes to simple things, like checking the pressure on the screen, then you can do it by yourself. There’s no problem with this. However, more serious issues are hard to complete. You need a total professional in the field.

There are lots of videos on the internet that explain how to manage these things. Still, understand that this is filmed by professionals who are working this for a living. You’re surely not educated nor skilled to do something like this.

Boilers are serious and often dangerous machines and a common person can’t operate them like they are professional repairmen. You can’t open pipes and combustion chambers alone. If you don’t do proper procedures, the whole thing might blow up and kill. This is why you should never do it yourself. See what the standard machine is made of on this link:


With everything said above, you understand how important maintenance is. There are a few ways to do it and more timings to do it. It’s important to realize what needs to be done and how often it should be done.