Five Reasons to Use Vinyl Pilings when Constructing Seawalls

Vinyl bulkhead materials are commonly used in construction seawalls. Those who own a property near a big source of water like an ocean or lake will need this material for building a strong and durable wall that will keep water from overflowing into their property. If you are one of them and your contractor advised you to use vinyl bulkhead, this means they want you to have the strongest seawall possible.

The following are some of the benefits of using vinyl bulkhead:

It is Cost-Effective

In terms of bulkhead materials, it is essential to shop around to check the prices of various materials available in the market. When doing your research, you will find that a vinyl bulkhead is a cost-effective option. Vinyl pilings are cheaper than wood or steel and they don’t require expensive maintenance.

It Shows Consistency

Vinyl pilings maintain their look even if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. This is the reasons they look the same even after many years. Also, vinyl bulkheads don’t have to be painted eliminating the possibility of paint to wear off over time.

It is Resistant to the Ultraviolet Rays of the Sun

When buying materials for building seawalls, you should know that constant exposure to the sun can damage the walls. Vinyl bulkheads are designed to minimize the damages caused by the UV rays of the sun. Compared with other materials such as wood and steel, a vinyl bulkhead material can stand up to the effects of the sun.

It is Resistant to Marine Borers

Seawalls made from wall many not last for a while as they deal with marine borers and mollusks. Over time, marine borers will affect the wooden walls that will reduce the wood’s durability and strength. But, vinyl pilings cannot be affected by marine borers.

It is Easy to Install

Installing and handling vinyl pilings is fairly easy. This has to do with their uniformity. Also, this characteristic makes them a favorite material for contractors.

Erosion occurs to all land, especially for properties situated by the water. The elements can eat away at any property after some time, causing complications. Although the use of vinyl bulkhead can already give your property the protection it needs, it doesn’t hurt to get extra protection from grass or vegetation. Incident erosion beyond the seawall can take place so it is important to pay attention to the water pooling behind it. Encouraging natural vegetation will provide you with more natural seawall materials.